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Taipei Main Station

The Taipei Main Station is located in the heart of CBD with easy access to all public transportation from Bus, Shuttles, Metro Railway Train (MRT), Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) and Taiwan High Speed Rail (THSR) to Shopping areas and underground food court.


Da Dao Cheng

Da Dao Cheng is a historical site that full of the essence of the old Taiwan. The Historical Architecture, Traditional Folk Culture, Heritage Tea Shop, Heritage Cloth Shop, Chinese Herbal Medicine Shop to Local Food Stalls etc. The grant Baroque Architecture, Traditional Taiwanese Bungalow, the bright Red Brick Western Style Residence is what made Da Dao Chen an iconic sight to behold with tradition that has been passed down for more than a hundred years.


Ximen Ding

Ximen Ding is the most lively area of Taipei with loads of multinational restaurants, Taiwanese street food, fashionable clothing shops, unique boutique shop to a street with movie theaters. It is a place to visit for fun, for delicious food and for all the things you need and want!


Ximen Red House

The Red House is built in 1908. It is the very first public market and the oldest heritage that has been maintained in excellent condition until today. It is a historical site but also an exhibition space for the local artist to exhibit their art crafts. There is a local designer market over the weekend as well. It is a hot spot for all the peeps that are looking for creative products.


Lungshan Temple

The Lungshan temple is about 10 minutes walk from Cho Hotel. The outlook of the temple is grant and magnificent, from the paint, the woodcut, the stone carving to the shearing are the work of sophisticated craft decorations, it is an National secondary monument. Most people come to pray with Chinese Cupid for romance, it is also known as “Yue-Lao”. Aside from it is a religion site for the locals, it is also one of the well-known prestige temple of Taiwan.


Hua-Xi Night Market

Aren’t you hungry after all the historical walks through the heritage sites? The Hua-Xi Night Market is what you needed. It is right next to the Lungshan Temple and also it is the very first night market which is famous for its Snake cuisine from the earlier days. There are full of time-honored restaurants where you can search for all the unforgettable tastes!



Don’t waste your holidays in bed, people! There is a Carrefour open 24 hours with lots of snacks, goodies and all the souvenirs for your choosing. The best news?! It is not far from Cho Hotel. Don’t tell anyone that you have been to Taiwan without a luggage full of souvenirs!


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